a photo of an american flag on a flagpole with a blue sky in the background, representing the american flag and flagpole sets collection

Collection: American Flag and Flagpole Sets For Home or Business

Flag - Each 3'x5' nylon American Flag has embroidered stars and sewn stripes. They are made for durable outdoor use and certified to be 100% made in the USA.

6' Silver Aluminum Flagpole - The commercial grade silver aluminum pole has a one inch diameter and the top portion of the pole spins freely so the flag is less apt to wrap around the pole. Each pole has a matching silver finial ball.

Mounting Bracket - Bracket can display the flag and pole in two different positions. It is made of cast aluminum and is very durable.

These flag and pole sets are ideal for home and business display of your American Flag. Take advantage of the quantity prices shown below and save on each set plus get free shipping. Great for neighborhoods, condos, businesses and cities.